Chrysalidocarpus decaryi x cabadae

Common Name: Great White Palm

Sun: Full Sun

Growth Rate: Unknown

Fertilizer: Unknown

Water: Unknown

Cold Tolerance: Unknown.  Probably 28-32 degF

History: This is a hybrid was produced by manual cross-pollination in South Florida in 2021.

Production: The seed parent (mother) is Chrysalidocarpus decaryi (Triangle Palm) and the pollen parent (father) is Chrysalidocarpus cabadae (Cabada Palm).  A small batch has been produced and the plants are still very young.

Benefits: This hybrid is more drought-tolerant and probably more cold hardy than the pure Cabada Palm (which is a Zone 10b-11 palm).  It will likely have a large, white pseudo-crownshaft, emerald-ringed thick trunk, and upright bluish-green leaves.  It should be very drought-tolerant due to its Triangle Palm parentage.

Identification: Eophyll is about 1/3 the size of a regular Triangle Palm’s eophyll.

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