Chrysalidocarpus leptocheilos x cabadae F1

Common Name: Emerald Teddy Palm

Sun: Shade when young, sun once trunking

Growth Rate: Unknown

Fertilizer: Unknown

Water: Moderate

Cold Tolerance: Unknown (probably 32deg F)

History: Produced by Seabreeze Nurseries in Ft. Myers, FL in 2022.

Production: The seed parent is Chrysalidocarpus leptocheilos (Teddybear Palm) from the rainforest of Madagascar.  The pollen parent is Chrysalidocarpus cabadae (Cabada Palm) from lowland rainforests in Madagascar.  This palm is very rare and was produced in very limited quantities by the hybridizer.

Benefits: This palm combines the turquoise trunk of the Cabada Palm with the red fuzzy crown shaft of the Teddy Bear Palm, making it an extremely colorful palm that should do great in Sub-Tropical and Mediterranean climates.  This hybrid is also sterile- meaning it does not produce viable seed.  Most plants should be clustering, while a few may remain solitary.

Identification: Eophyll (first leaf) is typically either bifid (forked into two fingers) or slightly pinnate (forked into 3-5 fingers).  The early stem has a lot of purple in it.  This hybrid is very easy to identify as a hybrid because pure Chrysalidocarpus leptocheilos always produces very pinnate eophylls with about 8-10 tiny leaflets.

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