Chrysalidocarpus leptocheilos x madagascariensis

Common Name: Mad Teddybear Palm

Sun: Full Sun

Growth Rate: Moderate to Fast

Fertilizer: Moderate

Water: Moderate

Cold Tolerance: Unknown.  Probably 28-32 degF

History: This is a hybrid that is currently present in only a couple Southern California and Australian private gardens.  It has been around for about ten to fifteen years.

Production: The seed parent is Chrysalidocarpus leptocheilos (Teddybear Palm) and the pollen parent is Chrysalidocarpus madagascariensis.  It has never been manually crossed as far as we know, so all hybrids in cultivation are likely the result of natural cross-pollination.

Benefits: This hybrid is more drought-tolerant and probably more cold hardy than the pure Teddybear Palm (which is a Zone 10b-11 palm).  It combines the beauty of both parents with its emerald-ringed trunk and fuzzy red crownshaft.

Identification: Unknown.

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