Chrysalidocarpus psammophila x decaryi F1

Common Name: Dwarf Triangle Palm

Sun: Shade when young, full sun once trunking

Growth Rate: Unknown

Fertilizer: Unknown

Water: Low

Cold Tolerance: Unknown. Probably 30 deg F

History: Produced by Seabreeze Nurseries in Ft. Myers, FL in 2022.

Production: The seed parent is Chrysalidocarpus psammophila (White Sand Palm) from coastal sand dunes of Madagascar.  The pollen parent is Chrysalidocarpus decaryi (Triangle Palm) also Madagascar.  This palm is very rare and was produced in very limited quantities by the hybridizer.

Benefits: This palm combines the black and green trunk of the White Sand Palm with the triangular leaf arrangement of the Triangle Palm, making it an extremely colorful palm that should do great in tropical, sub-tropical, mild desert, and Mediterranean climates.  This hybrid should be extremely drought tolerant.  This hybrid is also sterile- meaning it does not produce viable seed- which can be of benefit in a landscaping application because it will not foster a colony of unwanted seedlings at the base of the tree which often have to be sprayed or removed.

Identification: Pure Chrysalidocarpus psammophila seedlings have very wide, fat leaflets on the bifid eophyll (first leaf).  When hybridized with C. decaryi, it will have very narrow bifid leaves, only about ¼” wide leaflets, and a deep forest green color.

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