Coccothrinax crinita x Zombia antillarum (aka Old Zombie Palm)

Common Name: Old Zombie Palm

Sun: Full sun

Growth Rate: Slow to Moderate

Fertilizer: None

Water: Low

Cold Tolerance: 35deg F

History: A natural F1 hybrid that was identified from a batch of Coccothrinax crinita seed that was open-pollinated (received donor pollen from a nearby palm) in a botanical garden.

Production: The seed parent is Coccothrinax crinita and the pollen parent is Zombia antillarum, both of which are native to the Caribbean Sea and thus are closely related.  This hybrid was found naturally-occurring and thus has not been manually produced to the best of our knowledge.

Benefits: This hybrid is very unique- the Zombie Palm parentage gives the trunk fibers a coarse, woven look like an Old Man Palm.

Identification: Looks just like an Old Man Palm, except the trunk hairs are thick and coarse.

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