Syagrus schizophylla x romanzoffiana (aka Coco Queen)

Common Name: Coco Queen

Sun: Full sun to shade

Growth Rate: Fast

Fertilizer: None

Water: Low

Cold Tolerance: 20-25deg F

History: This palm began being grown back in the 1990’s.  It was likely first encountered as an accidental hybrid between the two parents. But as of 2017 it is being commercially grown in Florida.  There are another few growers in California that have been growing them commercially for the past couple decades.

Production: The seed parent is Syagrus schizophylla (aka Parrot Palm) from Brazil.  The pollen parent is Syagrus romanzoffiana (aka Queen Palm), also from Brazil (Bahia region).  The seed parent is usually easy to work with due to its dwarfish size.  The flowers are easy to pollinate and the Queen Palm produces abundant pollen that is easy to gather and apply.  Rate of viable seed is 90% or above and germination is easy- usually taking a couple months.  Back-crosses are common (S. schizophylla x romanzoffiana x romanzoffiana) producing F2 plants that are more variable.

Benefits: This hybrid bears some resemblance to the common Cocos nucifera (aka Coconut Palm).  They hybrid produces long, beautiful fronds about 10-12 feet long and keeps a relatively thin trunk.  If it were grown at an angle to produce a curved trunk, it would serve as an ideal tropical-looking plant designed for Mediterranean and mild Desert climates.  It is very drought-tolerant, requires little to no fertilizer, and has no known nutrient or pest issues.

Identification: Long, stiff first few leaves that are darker green than the pure Queen Palm and much larger than the pure Parrot palm.

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